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Over 20,000 DraftMore Automatic Regulators have been installed worldwide. Please join our list of Satisfied
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DraftMore® Automatic Regulators are Used in Thousands of Pubs Owned by These Companies:

Asia and Europe


Restaurants and Bars - US

MAXWELL'S – Park City, UT Maxwell's uses DraftMore® Automatic Regulators in its beer gas system to dramatically reduce foaming and serve better beer.

STEINY'S – Ogden, UT Steiny's uses DraftMore® Automatic Regulators in its extra cold kegerators to serve 8-10 more beers PER KEG.

JUPITER BOWL – Park City, UT Jupiter Bowl uses DraftMore® Automatic Regulators in its beer pump system for a perfect pour every time.

VUZ RESTAURANT – Draper, UT Vuz Restaurant uses ONLY DraftMore® Automatic Regulators in their kegerators to serve perfect draft beer every time.

Stein Eriksen Lodge The Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley Utah's only 5 Star / 5 Diamond resort, uses DraftMore regulators exclusively to ensure the highest quality draft beer.

San Marino's San Marino's in Waterbury CT serves 16 more beers per keg with DraftMore Automatic Regulators.

The Chateaux


The Notch Pub

NYPD Pizzeria